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This might be a stupid question, but if my client ended the contract before the final milestone...

...but it was because I finished the work early, is it appropriate for me to ask that I still get paid for the last milestone?


The agreed price for the whole job (a short ebook) was $250 with the final milestone being $50. My client liked my work enough that after the second-to-last milestone (which brought me to $200), she ended the contract rather than having me complete another round of editing.


I guess what I'm unclear about is if I should be compensated for the job as a whole or if it should be taken piece by piece, since technically there was no final milestone to complete.


Do I ask for the final $50, and if so, any advice on how I should go about it?


Sorry again is if this is a dumb question, but I'm new to Upwork and freelancing in general so I don't really know the etiquette for things like this. Thanks in advance for your answers.


This actually happened to me on one of my first Upwork jobs and it turned out that the client had believed that by ending the contract, I would be paid the remaining balance. As soon as I pointed out the problem to him, he paid me the unpaid balance as a bonus. 


I'm sure there will be skeptics who think that he was trying to get away with it, but I've worked with him on several projects since and I'm quite certain it was an honest mistake--maybe your situation is, too.

By the way... in no way is this a stupid question. It is a very legitimate question.