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I recently hired a freelancer and I'm trying to get them to send the output which I already funded. Im not receiving any replies so I tried viewing their profile and it says it's no longer available.

I need the output urgently, so would it be better for me to move on and just hire someone else? Or is this just a bug on the site?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Joel,


One of our team members will reach out to you via ticket as soon as possible and will assist you further with your contract. Thank you.

~ Goran
Community Guru

Joel M wrote:

 so would it be better for me to move on and just hire someone else? 

That basically means Upwork suspended the freelancer's account. As the freelancer is not responding, you may want to close the contract straight away and hire someone else. You get to request the return of your escrow funds while closing the contract.

Community Guru

re: “Or is this just a bug on the site?”


I am not aware of a bug on the site related to this matter.

As a client, I have a couple of freelancers working for me right now. Everything is working fine.


Upwork sometimes removes freelancers from the site, particularly if they are violating serious ToS rules or scamming clients.


That is not a bug. Even if there is a bug, that does not help you and you are not responsible for fixing any such bug. Your interest is in obtaining the file that you need. You should focus on that goal.


re: “I need the output urgently, so would it be better for me to move on and just hire someone else?“


Yes, you should move on.

That freelancer is no longer part of your project.


Hiring “someone else”?
But: If this is truly “urgent”, then why are you thinking about hiring only one freelancer?


Hire more than one. How many? That depends on how urgent this is. If you need this within a month, hiring one is probably okay. If you need this tomorrow? Hire four freelancers. Use hourly contracts. Make it a team project. Don’t put the freelancers in contact with each other. Tell them the deadline. Tell them that when the work is done, the project is over.


Hire Janet, Kim, Darrin and Sandy.


Kim is a go-getter. She got started right away. She finished the work in three hours and submitted it. You reviewed the work. And saw that it was perfect.


You closed all four contracts. You did not need to pay any money to Janet, Darrin, and Sandy. All four freelancers were paid for all of the time that they logged.