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Those who set a price as a placeholder


Between the Telegram scammers and those who set a price as a placeholder, I believe Upwork needs to do something.

It is now very cumbersome to navigate through the ads and find something interesting!

The placeholders shouldn't be authorized.

Is Upwork planning to remove them?


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The problem is this:
Upwork doesn't ALLOW clients to post fixed-price jobs without specifying a "budget."


There is a field.

Something MUST go in that field in order for the client to post the job.

So if the client doesn't know what to put, they MUST put a placeholder.

But also: WHATEVER they put is, be definition, negotiable, and is really the start of a conversation and not a final amount. So in a sense, ALL prices can be seen as "placeholders."

But I know what you are referring to: Dollar amounts which aren't in any way related to what the client intends to pay.

But that is 100% not the client's fault. That is Upwork's fault due to how the user interface is restricted.

re: "Is Upwork planning to remove them?"

I wish that Upwork was planning to end the requirement that clients specify a dollar amount for fixed-price contracts. Freelancers and clients alike have asked for this for years now.

A direct answer to your question is:


(As far as I know, Upwork has no plans to cange this requirement.)

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I don't think it should be removed because I've had clients that TRULY didn't know what the service should cost, so they put a placeholder there and said in the job "please name your price".   Sometimes these are honest clients willing to pay a fair price but don't know what that price should be.  This is particularly true for IT jobs, where a client might know they need something or that something is 'broken', but don't know how much it will take for the freelancer to build or fix something. Sometimes even the freelancer doesn't know how long it will take to fix a problem, or what other tools/costs are needed, until they look at and diagnose the problem.  It's no different than when a person calls a plumber to their home for a stopped up sink: Nobody knows how much it will cost to fix until the plumber arrives and determines what the problem is, what's needed to fix it, and how much time is needed.  Same thing.   I would rather see "This is a placeholder until we figure out a fair price for the repairs" instead of "Commit to fixing my sink for $50 dollars, regardless how much work it might involve and without knowing why it's broken"

Am with you 

seems good

thanks for the info

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The option to get a placeholder budget is good. Because if the client does not know the actual cost of the work he needs, then we will be able to negotiate the details and the budget.

Exactly am in the situation right now 

My client put $540 in a milestone and she told me to note that the milestone is just placeholder budget that she will contact me soon to give me the actual task but am afraid lol

There's nothing wrong with using a placeholder budget, but what you're describing is not the correct use of Upwork. Do not accept a job until you negotiate a price that YOU are happy with and the client has funded the milestone with this exact amount. Clients have been known to scam freelancers by putting a high price in a milestone and then asking for a refund via PayPal or similar; then it turns out that they've used a stolen credit card and you will lose your money. Do not let clients play games with you, and do not accept jobs if you don't even know what the task is. If somebody offered you $540 for your first job and didn't say what they wanted you to do, it's very suspicious; it's quite possible that they'll either want you to do something illegal, or they're trying to steal your money, or both.


I've flagged your comment and hopefully a moderator will be able to look into this for you.


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