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Though i Finish my task timely & impress my client. but my Job success status has reduced Why?

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Md.Fuad H Member Since: Jan 21, 2015
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Though I Finish my task timely & impress my client. but my Job success status has reduced Why?  I don't understand the matter.

can anyone help me or tell me why this happen with me!!



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Suzanne N Member Since: Aug 15, 2012
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How is your Job Success Score calculated?


We look at many performance indicators, both positive and negative, including:

  • public and private feedback
  • successful completion of work
  • client complaints
  • responsiveness levels
  • missed deadlines
  • disputes
  • long term client relationships

To calculate your Job Success Score, we subtract instances of poor performance from good performance, leaving your net overall performance. And to ensure we properly reflect your overall track record of performance, we look at how this calculation changes over time. Your Job Success Score is updated every two weeks, and it’s important to note any movement in this score (either up or down) reflects both recent activity and activity over a longer period of time. We look at trends over a 24-month period, meaning you won’t see work from years past surface in your Job Success.


Additionally, we consider all your oDesk jobs, whether or not work was performed. Jobs ending without receiving payment or with a full refund may be excluded from your profile history, but are still an important factor in calculating your Job Success Score. The goal is to capture a breadth of information not already reflected in your star-rating or profile.

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