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Thoughts about showing I.D to potential clients.

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Mariska P Member Since: Apr 27, 2015
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I put my bid in for a job and when the client replied, the client asked for my cv and proof of identity to be mailed to his email. I wasn't comfortable and explained politely why. Haven't heard from him since. 


Is this proper for clients to be asking for proof of identity and also to have that sent to an email outside of Upwork? 

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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I would report such a client.


Clients do not need that information.


Clients do not need to see a cv. They have our profile.


Upwork certifies our identity sufficiently to the clients.


It would be appropriate for an employer to ask employees for such information or for identity proof. But clients are not employers and contractors are not employees.

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Mariska P Member Since: Apr 27, 2015
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Ya, I told him that he can check my profile for resume information. 

I just hope other freelancers didn't feel pressured to send a resume and id to his email. It looks like a new client so maybe he doesn't know the difference between an employee and a freelancer so I will give him the benefit of the doubt. I still haven't heard from him but I'll live. Smiley Happy 

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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I'd be iffy about that too. I had someone who wanted me to fill out a 1099, and I'm pretty sure he was legit. I told him that Elance has a 1099 system that he can use, and I don't want to be double taxed for the work. Basically, came up with a nice way to say no.


I will send a CV/resume, but not anything with my ID or social. Is he brand new to the platform? You get new people who are apprehensive working with a stranger online, but if he's been around, I think he knows better. 



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Janet W B Member Since: Jul 19, 2008
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If we are not to share contact information with clients, then clients who ask for identity information should know better. In the very rare instance when I've had this happen, I've immediately reported it. It's a violation of the rules and it's usually a dead giveaway that there's a scam going on. Default position: Nope.


W-9s, on the other hand? I don't see a problem with that.  


But if someone's asking you for ID of any other kind, especially if they want it in order for you to TRY OUT for the position or BE TRAINED for it? Run, do not walk.

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Preston H Member Since: Nov 24, 2014
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W-9 is a standard form that the IRS asks employers to have for contractors working for them.


I agree that cooporating with a client's desires regarding W-9s should not pose a problem. But after having had 78 jobs (including current ones) on Upwork, I have never once had a a client ask me for a W-9 or say anything about it.


As a contractor on Upwork, I am not an employee. I provide business-to-business services. So I'm assuming that all of my clients found it either unnecessary, or filled out these forms internally without needing to ask me to do anything.

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Jennifer M Member Since: May 17, 2015
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I suppose this is a good time to ask if Upwork has the same system in place where they will 1099 on behalf of the employer.


I would not fill out any paperwork that asks for my social. They have a way to 1099 my through the system. 


Social security numbers are pretty valuable on the black market. Moreso than an ID. With a social, I can set up lots and lots of fake accounts on various systems.


Had a buddy on Demand Studios who was in Thailand using a dead guy's social. He was making bank on a fake social. Luckily, it was a dead guy's so not someone who would be hit with the taxes. But it's why you don't give up your social so easily.

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Mariska P Member Since: Apr 27, 2015
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He must be new and I get if people are apprehensive, I can be too. I tend to go with my gut though.