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Thoughts on my Profile

Hey All,

My apologies if this isn't allowed! I read through the Community Guidelines, and I didn't see anything saying we couldn't ask for others thoughts on our profiles. However, if you all would prefer me not too, I will definitely be fine with removing this post!


Anyways, I was wondering if you all would mind to take a glimpse at my profile and tell me what you thought about it?




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You're allowed to ask.


I would take out most of the middle of your overview. Many here will suggest that providing very personal info in your overview doesn't serve any purpose nor look professional. The emphasis should be on what you can offer to your clients. Short and sweet is best. Here's my 2¢:


Through Upwork, my utmost goal is to provide quality writing, both in the product I will deliver to you as well as through our daily communication.

I recognized my passion for providing assistance through writing over this past year when I volunteered as a Foreign Language Partner. My partner was from Oman, and he struggled to both convey his thoughts in English and adjust to life in America. As a result, I worked to both help him begin learning the fundamentals of English as well as ways in which he could clearly communicate his thoughts. This experience helped me realize my passion for helping edit essays in a manner that they engage the reader.

Now, My goal is to bring this same mindset to my daily jobs as I work to utilize these lessons in my interactions with clients. With this in mind,


I enjoy the challenge of taking complex prompts and crafting them into a concise, coherent story. I aim to balance both quality and speed as I work with you to understand the fundamental ideas you hope to relay in your writing and the ways in which we can work together to craft a compelling, eye-catching essay.


ETA: I would also consider raising your hourly rate a bit.

Thanks! What do you think the sweet spot for my hourly rate should be? I was having trouble calculating it!

@Mason D wrote:
Thanks! What do you think the sweet spot for my hourly rate should be? I was having trouble calculating it!

I don't know enough about what you do to make that suggestion ... your rate just seemed a little low to me if your credentials are true. You might want to look at other profiles to get an idea.

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