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Re: Three Problems | Solution Needed

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Asif R Member Since: Jan 7, 2015
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Hi Everyone !


I am here on Upwork exactly from one year. In one year I worked for 1,111 hours on upwork with 99% job success rate. I remained a lot of busy during the year with some good clients. I am now free from yesterday and started looking for fresh jobs. I have following three problems:-


1. Getting completely wrong jobs invitations (not matching my professionality).... Why this is happening?

2. Can't apply with my default profile payout rate of $3.00, so I increased rate to $3.33. Is there any change in lowest payout rates?

3. Searching for new jobs are completely different now. I have to wait the browser to auto update the fresh jobs ? because I can't refresh jobs in browser?


Waiting for some professionals reply on this.




Asif Rehman
Ace Contributor
Samuel W Member Since: Apr 21, 2015
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Hi Asif,

To quickly answer your questions (forgive my not-so-profesional reply)...

1. The algorithm is bad, it's the same for everybody.

2. I don't know, but with so many hours, I'd try and raise my hourly rate a bit. If the category isn't one that pays well, maybe try to slowly change it?

3. I've only been here for a year, but I know that hitting the refresh page will make jobs appear faster

Community Guru
Tanzeel Z Member Since: May 26, 2015
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My reply may not sound professional, but I will write it anyway. 


You have a good profile with an amazing job success score. My first suggestion is to increase the hourly rate. You deserve more than 3$/hour. It may take some time to land a high paying job, but still it is better than many low-paying jobs.


Second, your profile focuses on your dedication, hard work and not much on your skills. By this I mean, your profile does not seem to have many keywords. Upwork has a search engine and we must learn to add keywords according to their algorithm. 


Add 1-2 keywords in the first line of your profile. Do not add too many keywords. Add some testimonials in the beginning. 


Check the Upwork search suggestions in the "find freelancers section". 


I personally receive many unrelated job offers, but I have gained 4 valuable customers from these invitations. I think that relevant keywords will increase the quality of job invitations because we are dealing with search engines and not humans. 


If a client doesn't find you in first 2-3 pages, he/she will not hire you regardless of your dedication, job success or impressive reputation.


I do not have to refresh my browser to see new jobs. It happens automatically.



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Kamaludin M Member Since: Aug 22, 2015
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Here are some answers for you questions.


1- It happens to everybody (i think it's system problem).

2- Upwork's current lowest rate is 3.33/hr, i was not here this time last year but i think there was probably lower rates than the current 3.33/hr.

3- New jobs appear in my job feed without refreshing the pagem, but they are hidden however once you click on the link that says "1 new...." it will appear.