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Ticket Status

One of the problems with my Upwrok profile is that I don't seem to be getting emails from Upwork. I submitted a ticket last week but I haven't heard back. How do I check the status of my ticket? 


My ticket describes the following problem: 

I signed up for my Upwork account by using my Google account. I'm able to log into my profile just fine, look for jobs, submit proposals, and receive messages. However, when I try to change the settings in my profile it takes me to a "re-enter password" screen. I don't really have a password because always I sign in through my Google account. I try to get around this by clicking on "Forgot password". But I never receive the reset password instructions to my Google account email that is registered with my Upwork account. 

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I think that having to re-enter your password when launching the settings is a set/fixed feature that can't be changed, and is a part of security procedures. Knowing your own password is assumed, that's the whole point in terms of security.


In your case, you need to enter your google account password (I think). Go through regular sign-in (not gmail sign in) and use your gmail password.

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I am not sure why Upwork has not responded to your submitted ticket, but you can check the status of your ticket here.


As Biljana pointed out, the prompt to re-enter your password when launching certain settings in Upwork is a set/fixed security feature.

Since you signed into Upwork with your Google account, it is my understanding that the password Upwork is requesting should be your Google account password. If you enter that password when trying to change your Upwork Profile settings, it should work.


If you do not remember your Google account password, you should use the Forgot Password feature on your Google account.



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Community Manager

Hi Blanca,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I checked and it looks like one of our agents already reached out to you to assist you further. You can access your ticket on this page. Please consider following up on the ticket so that our team can assist you further.


~ Nikola
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