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Time Tracker issues

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Michelle C Member Since: Jan 19, 2015
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I am having some issues with the time tracker today.  The Today counter is behind about 1.5 hours while my Time Elapsed for Current Session is correct (Today 4 hours 10 mins; Current 5 hours 41 minutes. Also when I check my work diary the snapshots/screen capture are all there up to present work time but on the reports page my curent work time is only 3 hours 50 minutes.


Also the activity levels are incorrect. I have been doing the same job for over a month now and my activity level per 10 minutes never goes down below 5. Today everything is around 1 to 3 only. Also recently I see that some of my screenshots are taken bewteen 17-20 minutes.  I checked my work diary and I see blank (no screenshot) on several 10 minute time gaps. 

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Michelle,


I would suggest you check your Internet connection and if it's good, please submit a ticket request to Customer Support.


Also, note that it's normal if there is a slight difference between hours logged in your Reports and in the Work Diary. Reports don't update right away while the Work Diary does.


Sorry about the inconvenience. 

~ Valeria
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Patricia R Member Since: Jul 22, 2015
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Hello Michelle,


I am having the same issue for a week now! I also have an open ticket since then, but no solution.


My app has been creating 10 minute blank gaps in my Work Diary (as if I had stopped tracking time, when in fact I was working nonstop).

Besides that, the app is not counting many of those blank gaps it is creating. It has not considered 2h10 of worked hours this week. 

My activity levels are also different as usual. 


Has your problem been solved?

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Jessica H Member Since: Jul 24, 2015
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You would think that entering your time manually would avoid that issue... But I'm even having a problem with that! On Wednesday, I logged 2 hours manually into my Work Diary, but my reports are only showing the 30 minutes that I logged the following day. Thus, on my client's end, it looks like he's only being billed for 30 minutes... So frustrating on both ends, and even more frustrating to hear that other freelancers are experiencing problems with Time Tracker, too. Anyone having any luck getting their time adjusted?

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Fahad S Member Since: Aug 31, 2013
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Same issue here, hours logged are not showing in the repports or jobs tab even after 3 days. Many other freelancers are reperting this issue as well.