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Time for first $2000 per month

Hello Friends,

How much time it take you guys to reach $2000 per month earning on upwork?

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I still wish to achieve this target.

When did you started working?

It's been three months.
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Mayank the best thing to do is set a realistic target. If say you would like to get to to $2000 a month then you have to only bid for a job(s) that will earn you about $120 per day if you are doing this fulltime. 

That may be hard or easy but I would always suggest do some research based on your skill set find jobs on Upwork that will pay the amount you need to earn and then write a focused profile on why you are an expert in that niche. Do not be generic, be focused.

Maybe in your first targeted month aim for $500, then $1000, then $2000. Just set difficult but realistic targets that you can aim for whatever that maybe. One good saying is that by "By the yard its hard, but inch by inch everythings a cinch"

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