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Time tracker not registering short jobs?

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Saskia G Member Since: Sep 10, 2015
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Hi everyone,


I am very very very new to Upwork and just landed my first translation job. They wanted me to start with a very short text, it took me 2 minutes. So I started the automatic time tracker app thingy, and when I was done, turned it off. But nothing is registering, on the app and my work diary everything is still on 0 hours worked. No work done yet.


Did it forget those 2 minutes as it was so short or does it remember and will keep adding the minutes untill I finish a 10 minute block?





Community Guru
Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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It will only register a 10 minute block if at some point in that 10 minute block a screenshot was taken.


Clients are charged per 10 minute block. So at some point between X:00 and X:10 a screenshot is taken. After X:10 a new 10 minute block starts, and again at a random time a screenshot is taken before X:20. This also means that you should always keep working until the screenshot of the 10 minute block has been taken. If you work to 8 minutes into a block, stop the tracker, and no screenshot has been taken in that block yet you will not be paid for that block.


Also the activity (keystrokes and mouseclicks) for the whole 10 minute slot are recorded, as well as per each minute.


For 2 minute jobs the tracker is unsuitable, as clients are charged in 10 minute segments.


I personally always start at X:X0 so clients are not charged for partial blocks, and always try to have the last block full as well by working right to the end of the 10 minute block, and then ending the tracker after the next screenshot so my work diaries are always nice and tidy with full activity on almost all screenshots.

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