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Time-tracking for fixed-price contracts to show project progress to the client

Is it a good idea to use the time-tracking feature for fixed-priced project just to show the client how the project is developing and bring into their awareness the time is used to develop the project?

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I'm not even sure you CAN use the time-tracking feature on a fixed-price contract. Though I suppose I've never actually checked. 

In my line of work, I really don't and wouldn't. My clients don't just pay for my time; they pay training, education, and experience to be able to DO what they want me to do. A time tracker would just send the wrong message. In my case. YMMV. 

Hi Randall. Thanks for your perspective. Yes, indeed you can use the time-tracking feature with fixed-price contracts. It was a surprise for me too. You can find the feature by opening the desktop app, then Settings > Advanced. You will find: 


Track Time on Fixed-Price Contracts

Include Fixed-Price contracts in my list so I can track time to them. It's optional and not protected by the payment guarantee for hourly work.


I understand your perspective. I ask because sometimes clients believe that a job that takes X hours can be done in Y hours, and want to pay accordingly. With the time-tracking feature clients could improve their awareness of how long it takes to complete a job not according to an uninformed estimation, but actuality.


Of course that for fixed-price contracts, clients and providers have reached an agreement that takes time-tracking out of the equation, it has already been computed in the budget and accepted in the offer. But sometimes things get complex and the scope gets tricky.


Awareness of how a project develops is important for both parties, it's one of the reasons many remote workers and employers want the physical workplace back.


I appreciate your response!

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Hey Jose, it's either time tracking or fixed fee Milestones. Feel free to upload work via Upwork messages at any time so the client can see the status. Have a great day!

Thanks for your answer William but it's not related to the question.

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I can see this being useful for longer-term contracts that have significant periods between deliverables. But it can also lead to the loss of proprietary/trade secrets - such as any specialized software or techniques that you use that could result in your client learning some of your expertise.

I see your point. Yes, I think I'd only use it to inform the scope of the client. 

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I use toggl to track my time for fixed rate projects, both to keep it private from the client unless they need to see it for some reason, and just to keep myself on track. It also helps so that in the future I can say a logo design might take x amount of time or it takes me xxx hours to design a chapter or a book.

Interesting. For internal intelligence. Cool.

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