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Time tracking in creative fields

When do you, as a creative freelancer, start the clock for hourly contracts? Sometimes part of the job is done in your head before you actually start manifesting it or can be hours of trial and error. I feel guilty if I'm running the time tracker and I'm just sitting at my desk noodling around on my guitar for half an hour to come up with an idea, or worse--scrapping an idea I had been working on and starting over, but at the same time, if I weren't running the tracker, I would just be donating my time to a project and not being paid for it. Where do you draw the line?

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Maybe try fixed rate contracts instead. Some jobs consist more of waiting for inspiration than working constantly at something that can be seen and tracked. You can think up ideas and solutions while you're having a meal or taking a walk in the park. With a fixed rate, you no longer have to pretend you're physically typing, designing, etc.

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