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Time tracking on an idle screen

I have multiple machines, Normally, I log time on the machine which is showing the livereload of the work that i am doing. e.g one is my coding machine, and the other machine is showing the live output of whatever i am doing. The time tracking is generally tracking my live output machine.


I have noticed, that the time tracker sometimes consider me as idle, but that is not the case. The work that i do, involve a lot of ram, and compiling and i don't want to burden my machine which i am working on. 


Why does the time tracker not record my screenshots (which are live output of whatever i am working on)?.





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The tracker tracks (only) keystrokes and mouseclicks on the computer it is running on. It can only track on one computer at a time, so you should track on the computer you are active (mouseclicks and keystrokes) on.

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