Time zones for fixed rate jobs


It seems that there's something a bit odd about the time zones for fixed rate jobs, and I was wondering if anyone could provide confirmation or advice.


Approval of funds seems to happen according to the local time zone, whereas release of funds happens in Upwork (US?) time zone.


So effectively (being in Australia) I have to wait close to 6 days for my payment to be released.


This doesn't seem to be fair?!?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Ruth,


It's up to the clients to approve the release of Escrow funds for completed Milestones, so the timing for approving and releasing the funds (one process) hinges on the client's local time zone.  After the funds are released from Escrow, they are subjected to a standard 6-days security period, which applies to all payments on Upwork. You will see the funds as pending once they are released by the client, and 6 days later they will become available for withdrawal.


Hope this clears any confusion about receive payments on Fixed-price jobs.


Hi Vladimir,


Thanks for responding.

I think I'm just confused, because everywhere in the FAQs it says the waiting time is 5 days.