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Tips for new Freelancers

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Alisa Z Member Since: Jul 2, 2020
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Hi guys, how are you all?

I am new to Upwork myself and I have been doing some research so I just wanted to make a post that might help those who are new to Upwork just like me:


1. Always be honest

2. Avoid applying to jobs where the client didn't verify their payment method, and if you do then make sure to tell the client to verify their payment method on Upwork

3. Do not send free 'samples' to clients for the job you are applying to. Since rarely anyone knows anyone here, someone might come to the idea to use the sample of the work for personal use, thus one doesn't get the job nor does one get paid

4. NEVER allow that anyone sends you money outside Upwork, I have read about so many cases where people got scammed and seen myself while doing research on someone I felt suspicious about. This can be a reason for banning of your profile from Upwork.

5. If you are new and you get an hourly job, make sure to accept the contract before you start and to turn the time tracker on. You can download the tracker online. The tracker works in a simple way, you turn the tracker on, and every 10 minutes a screenshot is taken where the client can see your progress. More info here:

6. Do not fight with clients as this can result in negative reviews, it's not worth it

7. Try to submit proposals to lower-paid jobs you know how to do. This can help with the reputation

8. Make sure to verify your identity, I have seen some posts where people didn't verify their identity and they were removed. A verified identity ensures the client that we are who we claim to be. Just like we expect from a client to verify their payment method, we should give something back for that.


Hope this benefits someone. Would be good if everyone can leave a tip in the replies so we can learn from each other, especially those of us who are new to Upwork. Thank you

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AHS SHOHEL A Member Since: May 19, 2016
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Good tips, Alisa!