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To PH freelancers who use BPI for LFT, how much does BPI charge per transaction?

Hi! How much does BPI charge per incoming withdrawal from Upwork (using local fund transfer)? Thank you. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Nikki, 


The Bank of the Philippine Islands does not charge any fees on any incoming remmitance from Upwork. 

~ Avery
Community Member

Hi! BPI seems to have applied a service charge of PHP 300 to my last Upwork transaction (dated Sep. 30, 2018). Has anyone else had this experience? Or could it have been an error?

Hi Nadine,


It would be best to verify this with BPI so that they can check this for you. As Avery mentioned, BPI does not charge any fees on any incoming remmitance from Upwork. Thanks!

~ Joanne

Thanks! That's clear. I'll contact the bank then.

Hi! How about Metrobank? How much is the fee?

Community Member

I just called and they said there's a service fee of 160. 

Plus .30 cents per 200 pesos. 


So if you're withdrawing 5000, that's like 167.50 total. 


Unless the representative I talked to is wrong, of course.

Is this with BPI or Metrobank?

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