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To Upwork Management: Please Revamp Job Search Feature for Freelancers

Dear Upwork Management:


To make it easier when searching "My Jobs," please allow freelancers to return to the last post they left before they wrote a proposal, rather than steering us back to the beginning of the jobs list each time, i.e., When I have completed a proposal for a given job, give me an arrow button that takes me right back to where I was on the jobs list, rather than have me start at the beginning each time. I hope this is clear, but I'm sure many freelancers are feeling the pain of sorting through jobs they've already gone through.


Or at the very least fix the RSS feed! I find those MUCH easier to use, and once a job is gone, I don't have to see it again. 


But, I'm not just here to pile on criticism, and may have a workaround for you Lauren. 


I use Chrome,. and when I see a job I like, I hold down Control before clicking the link. That way, the job I want to look at opens in a new tab. 


Not sure if it works in all browsers on all operating systems, but it's worth trying! 

Thank you for the guidance.


@Lauren - well aware of this weirdness and completely agree that it's a frustrating flow. Christopher's tip is a good way around this for now. 



@Christopher - we have an RSS fix going out soon - tomorrow I hope. If you don't mind, could you elaborate more on what's 'broken'? Want to make sure all use cases are accounted for. 



While you are about it Tam, could you bring back the 'hide irrelevant jobs' feature - the little X that we used to have.


Many thanks in anticipation,


Nichola 😉