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To close the job, or not to close the job?

Hello Freelancers,

I've got a few jobs open with un-responsive clients. After perusing the forum it seems that

- Closing a job and not getting feedback is bad for JSS if you have a pattern (which I probably do)

- Leaving a job open is bad for JSS if you have too many (how many is too many? I don't know)


So what's the right call here? All three of these jobs have expressed interest in continuing work, but have gone MIA for months.



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Kendra C wrote:

So what's the right call here? 

Neither is doing you any harm. Feel free to close the oldest one, then maybe wait until a few contracts closed with feedback, close another.


Thanks Petra. In my situation I currently have 16 out of 62 jobs that the client did not leave feedback.

I found in Upwork's recent article about JSS it says "Missing feedback is only flagged when it represents a significant portion of your contracts."


My JSS recently dropped from 100 to 99% after I closed a job with an unresponsive client (this was after several weeks of no new closed jobs), so I'm left wondering if my percentage of no-feedback has been flagged.  That makes me hesitate to close these jobs.


Some of my searching in the forum turns up older answers stating that jobs left inactive for several months can hurt your score. Not sure if this still holds true or not, and if so how long you can leave a job inactive before it starts having an affect.

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Hi Kendra, 

I had the same question 6 months ago. At that time I had a profile verification over the phone with the  UpWork specialist, so I decided to ask her the same question. She told me that leaving the job open and not actially working on it, can and will negatively affect my Job success. 
A few days after, it went down from 100% to 99% and then I closed out all my zobi projects. 10 days later I got back to 100%. 

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