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To good to be true?

I was offered a job through Odesk but I would be hired by the company I checked the company website the company is legit however they want to hire me to do payroll I have no experience in payroll what so ever and the original job was virtual assistant they just signed up for O desksept 6 and sent me the interview request it seems weird a big company like this would allow someone to that type of access without experience the company in question is international so I can't call them is this something that sounds just not right to anyone else or am I just being a worry wart?

Sounds like a scam to me. Some scammers attach themselves to a legitimate company in order to appear trustworthy. When I'm suspicious about a post and there's a company link, I just contact the company recruitment department directly asking them if they're hiring on oDesk. Also, the fact that they're offering a role which doesn't fit your skills and apparently asking you to work outside of oDesk are red flags. You need to flag the role if they're asking you to work outside of the site.

I am 199% sure this company is a scam, who do I report it to? Courtney

Hi Courtney, Please, report a job posting by using the flag option or contacting Customer Support. All the reports will be thoroughly reviewed by our Team. Thank you very much!
~ Valeria