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To hide my recently undertaking test score

Hi, I am facing a problem. I need your help kindly guide me. I have undertaken a test last week and unfortunetly, I got declare failed in that test. Now the problem is that when I click on link "to view my profile as other people see", this test details declare me failed and i want to remove this status.

Kindly guide me how may i remove this status.


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Go to your profile page.

On "Tests" area you can see there is an option "DISPLAY ON PROFILE". Choose "No" against that particular test. It will not be shown to others.

This does not work.


Hi Deb,

I'm not sure how you would get a result for a test you didn't take. But you can probably change whether the test result shows publicly on your profile. 

If you go to your profile, you can scroll down to the test section and just chose yes or no to indicate whether or not you want the test result to be displayed. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-17 at 7.38.59 PM.png

Hi Deb,


I'm sorry to hear the Display on Profile option seems not to be working.


If you, please, use the View my profile as other see it option found towards the upper right corner in your profile, as shown in the image below, you may verify the test result is not visible for others.





















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