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To learn what it takes to be successful on upwork

Greetings to you all my experienced freelancers. I joined last year and since then I've sent out lots of proposals, applying for jobs but haven't gotten any 🥲. Please am here to ask and learn from you guys what it takes to be successful on upwork.

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Hi Chiamaka,


It took me at least 2 years before I had anything remotely considered a "success" 🙄. My advice would be to browse Upwork as a client to see what your competitors are doing in your region. For example, you don't mention Microsoft Office skills. That seems like it could be a prerequisite for the position you are seeking. Your history suggests a background in the medical industry but this is not mentioned in the title of your profile.


You will need to everything you possibly can to increase the attactiveness of the text of your profile 💫. But don't look at mine, you need to look at your competition. Once you get that first successfully completed contract, it will become easier.


Don't give up!




Under 'Academy' -> 'Courses' there are some videos which might be helpful for improving your profile.

Thank you so so much Michael 🙏 for your advice. Will definitely check it out and do the necessary corrections. 

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