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Tons of job are not getting close. Does anybody else noticed it?

I have recently noticed that all the jobs that I have applied to recently are not getting closed ( not a single person is hired).  Does anybody else notice that? Is upwork getting lots of fake jobs? Should n't we get credit back for those jobs where the client does not hire a single freelancer? 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Jignes, 


Connects are returned only when the job without hire is cancelled either by the client or by Upwork team. You can find more information here.


If the connects for jobs without hire does note get credited back to your account, you can file a ticket directly with our support team citing which jobs were closed so that they can assist you further.

~ Avery
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Not more then usual. 

There are clients who test the market, maybe on a few platforms, so they don't bother to come back and close a post just because they find someone somewhere else or maybe they lost interest in the project. Try bidding smart on projects and not on every single one, maybe less on ones with no verified payment, if you struggle with the ammount of connects left at the end of each month, because usualy those are the ones that never come back.

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