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Too nervous to apply for just about any job now...

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Tony H Member Since: Nov 10, 2011
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If it is true that freelancers are penalized when clients do not leave feedback, it leaves me not wanting to apply for so many jobs I would have in the past.




I find a job that I know I could knock out of the park.

I'm sure I can beat the other applicants.

The client has spent more money than most ever will on oDesk.

Client has great reviews.


THIS is the type of client I normally look for.


So why is it now too risky to apply for the job? Because that client also has a long history of leaving feedback for only about 1/3 of her postings.


Absolutely nothing wrong with the client and I'm a very solid fit for her needs.


Too bad.


I wish I knew what oDesk was trying to accomplish with their JS. I'm sure they are smart enough to realize this type of situation would be a product of their systems, and intended for this to happen. But WHY?


Why do they want freelancers to avoid clients in this way? I don't understand why they are punishing the good clients by creating a system that encourages only freelancers who have nothing to lose to apply.


Makes me sad. I'm at such a loss of what direction Upwork is going. They seem to be creating systems that bugger it up for just about everyone. At least in the sense that the freelancing world currently operates. I wonder if they are really pushing to become an employment agency, with the legal loopholes that come with calling the match a 'contract' between contractors and client. So many rules that are taking the whole definition of what freelancing is away from this site.


Definately going in a new direction Upwork is! Wish I knew what it was, cause for now it doens't make any sense to apply for the majority of postings. They all carry too high risk of me being penalized, regardless of how well the contract goes.


I'm 90% certain that I will be either suspended one day due to an unreasonable client, or my JS will drop so low that my seasrch rankings, bell and whistles will all go away as well. This is a great example of what seems to be utter lunacy. One of oDesk's best clients has a habbit of not leaving feedback for anyone, eevn though she's giving 4-5 stars and has great reviews herself.


However, we have complained about over and over in the forums and each time it is justified by the company. So I', going to stop complaining for the sake of change, and just start complaining for the sake of trying to understand so I can become both a better freelancer and a better cleint here. Going to assume these things are intentional by Upwork and part of their hidden agenda that will unfold through the next few years.


They are smart people. They are taking away the bottom end (most problematic and unprofitable) section of their moarket, and now they are working on reducing the likelyhood of using this on an actual somewhat professional level. They know this... so what is it they want? Something in between?


I don't understand why they are taking effort to push away people who want to use this platform for professional level services. Maybe they have a new company in the works for that in the future.. but why get rid of us now? We may not come back to them in the future.


Pretty much ready to give up soon.

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Jean S Member Since: Oct 22, 2007
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You're not alone in the way you feel. I'm terrified of applying as well and just ended up with a client who had no understanding of the star ratings and job success scores. I had to end the contract because there was no work for a month and knew if I did not get the client to end it I'd be in more trouble.


You get very tired of living in fear after awhile.

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Setu M Member Since: Jan 26, 2014
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Even more terrifying is the private feedback which you will never see and affects your career the most. Do clients really understand what the question is asking? Or should Upwork change such a frivolous and subjective question. As a client, I probably would never give a 10 for a hundred different "I don't feel like" reasons.

Leave feedback for EF Research.pdf - Adobe Reader (05-19-2015 20.00.36).png

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Donna M Member Since: Aug 28, 2012
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I have to agree with Tony as I also have not applied to jobs because of no feedback


I saw one fixed price I could have done very quickly and easily for $150.00 in less than a day it would have been done but I did not apply to it simply because the client had many previous jobs where they did not leave feedback for the freelancers and I am not willing to risk my score just because a client doesn’t want and doesn’t understand how important feedback is


It’s too bad I could have made some extra money and the client could have gotten her job completed quickly plus Upwork could have made an extra $15.00 off of the job although $15.00 doesn’t seem like much but rinse and repeat the same scenario how many times a day, week & month by numerous freelancers and how much is lost?

Valeria K Moderator Member Since: Mar 6, 2014
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Hi Tony,


I would just like to note that jobs without feedback will not affect your Job Success score, unless they are the majority of your jobs.


Also, there is nothing wrong if a client provided positive star feedback but didn't leave written feedback. It still counts as positive feedback.


We do encourage freelancers to apply for jobs that are good match for their skills and that they can complete well, we have no intention to limit such applications.


~ Valeria
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Jean S Member Since: Oct 22, 2007
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@Valeria K wrote:


We do encourage freelancers to apply for jobs that are good match for their skills and that they can complete well, we have no intention to limit such applications.


 Well the company's intentions have caused exactly this situation. Many of us will not apply to jobs jobs we are very suited to doing because of the job success rules.

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Tony H Member Since: Nov 10, 2011
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.. unless they are the majority of your jobs.


Where do we find more details like this? You can see by 12 kudos on my post that many of us are very confused to say the least. With all the rules it's very difficult to trust the system right now.


Will the powers that be allow you to create a sticky topic to explain how all these new rules work in detail? All I see on the forums these days are people getting mad and confused. We're more than lab rats,. We have children to feed and homes to pay for.


I've went from not trusting freelancers (when I was more active as a client), to not trusting clients (when scams began to litter the postings), to not trust the system and doubt the transparency or honesty of Upwork. My gut feeling is there will be a large culling of workers between now and when Elance is merged.


It's as though Upwork wants to be a professional platfrom, yet they treat us all like children. I guess these are the pains of trying to build a business based on high volume of junk, rather than a lower volume of quality freelancers and clients. I wonder if Upwork will mainly focus on enterprise staffing a couple years from now and cut this problematic freelancing stuff down to a minimum.


/rant, lol.


I give up. It is what it is Smiley Happy


Freelancing as we once knew it, has died. Somehow we've become employee's. It is no longer an arrangement between client and freelancer. The middleman has just stood up and declared he is the boss now.


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Ramon B Member Since: Jan 11, 2015
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It's rank hypocrisy anyway. They micro-manage every aspect of a freelancer's work here, yet if you have a problem with a client, they say it's not their policy to intervene.

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Natasa M Member Since: May 8, 2014
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Question :"I wonder if Upwork will mainly focus on enterprise staffing a couple years from now.."


I wonder that as well. Ironically enough, all micromanaging and overregulation is always brought everywhere with the intention of improving the quality and essentially helping people, and it almost always ends up in suffocating entrepreneurial spirit and initiative.


So for that reason I never asked for some additional mediation measure when clients wronged me with their feedback or something similar. I just counted that as a collateral damage that I have to pay inevitably as a price to leading my own business and having all benefits and risks that go with that. That concept is definitely changing...


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Vesna M Member Since: May 15, 2012
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Yesterday I was too nervous to accept one hour job. It was too much risk in comparisson with what I would get in return. Maybe this is a good thing.

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