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Top Rated Badge Disappeared Again


I'd like to ask for help in putting back the top-rated badge on my profile, please. 🙂 


My current JSS is 100% and it seems I'm still eligible for the badge. This is my 2nd time requesting that it be put back as it disappeared around a month ago and was put back after I asked for help. (It seems to disappear and reappear again..)


Hoping for a moderator to help keep my top-rated badge on my profile. 


Thank you so much! 



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Natalia,


Thank you for reaching out to us. Top Rated status is automatically applied to users whose profiles meet all of the requirements. You can have a look at this article about Top Rated status to see what the exact requirements are that you must meet to obtain a Top Rated badge on your profile.

Once all the requirements are met, you should receive the badge within 48 hours.


You can monitor your progress and help manage your success by using your My Stats page to track your Job Success Score, 12-month earnings, and more.

~ Nikola
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