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Top Rated Badge and Job Success Score Down 1 % Problem Help me Please

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Al I Member Since: May 20, 2017
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Last 16 September when my Job Success Score last updated I fulfilled all the requirements to get Top Rated Badge. Before the two weeks of 16 September 2018, I didn't get any feedback so the job success score was same 90%.


After 16 September I was happy that I would get the badge. But after 2 days on 18 September, I Submitted a ticket for Upwork help because I didn't get the badge.


They reply me that my profile isn't 100% that's why I didn't get the badge. Then I reply them with a screenshot that my profile is 100% complete and I deserve the badge.


Today they reply to me and said that my Job Success Score isn't 90%. I am surprised and checked that it is 89% now. 


1. How can Job Success Score changed after 2 days since the last update just before two days?



I attached all the screenshot. Please help to get the badge.



Screenshot(25): It was 90% 19 September 2018.

Screenshot(29) to Screenshot(31): Conversation via Submitted ticket.


Please Help me.

Avery O Moderator Member Since: Nov 23, 2015
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Hi Al, 

It looks like you already have an open ticket for this issue. The Customer Support Team will respond to your open ticket for more information. 

~ Avery
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Al I Member Since: May 20, 2017
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But can you tell me more about this problem? 

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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@Al I wrote:

But can you tell me more about this problem? 

 Did you, since the 2nd of September, have any contracts that were closed without any money having beenreceived (cancelled before payment and / or fully refunded?) or do you have any contracts that are open but nothing was ever paid

it seems the update of the 16th was delayed to yesterday for some / all.