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Top Rated Badge is removed without reason. My Stats showing fine

Got email 2 days ago that the badge is removed while I still fulfill all of the Top Rated requirements. Now I can see it's removed both in Public and Private view. Please explain what's going on here






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I understand the situation. 
I believe there other points to consider for an example: "Activity on the platform (proposal, accepted invitation, or earnings) in the past 90 days" 

for more, please find the attached screenshot. But if you believe that is not the case, feel free to write to Support I belive they will be able to help you faster. 


Screenshot 2024-06-19 at 9.00.43 AM.png

the My Stats page is not showing that information which is confusing. How do I write to Support?

You can connect them via: **Edited for community guidelines**

I hope this solves the issue. 

Hi Handika,


I saw that you already submitted a support ticket to our team. One of our agents has updated your ticket with more information. Please check your ticket and feel free to respond.

~ Joanne
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