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Top Rated - Did you notice a positive change?

Hi All,


So, when I joined UpWork a year ago, I had a really rough start. I ended up with a terrible job success score of 46% and I thought that I would be doomed on the platform. But gradually I worked my way up with some great clients and today I am sitting at 93% with my JS, and am halfway to becoming top rated. 


What I would like to know is this: did you notice that your applications for jobs have been acceted more after becoming top rated, or anything else positive? All of the forum topics that I can find all have negatives to say about becoming top rated, like a reduction in job offers and such.


I am really proud of the hard work that I have put into this, and would like to hear about other people's experiences.


Kind Regards



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Hi Graeme,

first of all congrats on your success and acheivent into getting your profile up to a desired JS.


Regarding Top Rated status, that's something that will affect just a little bit your profile.

Why? Well let's say, most of people will get into your profile and if they like what they see, they will hire you. We all know that you can get hired without being Top Rated, we've all been there.


Also, what i personally think that affects you getting hired or not is your cover letter.

If a poor cover letter is written, clients will hesitate to hire you as they will think you lack commitment. 

From my experience, Top Rated status helps you grow and i don't think there is anything negative about it. 

Just keep up the quality work and everything will work out like a charm.



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There are good weeks and bad weeks. You should have seen this by now. When some people have bad weeks after they get the top rated badge they think the two are related. Sometimes it snows in April. That doesn't mean April is the cause. : )

Don't sweat it so much. This job works in cycles....and when things start drying up you tend to panic. After a while you get to be thankful for the breathers...I am staring the end of a contract in the face and quite frankly am thankful because I have not had much 'me' time for quite a while. You will get there too. Just keep doing whatever you have been doing because it seems to be working. 😉

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You should be proud! 


As others have pointed out, freelance work ebbs and flows and correlation is not causality.


IMO the main benefit of being Top Rated is the 'get out of bad feedback jail free' card it puts in your pocket.

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Congratulations on your success. Of course it becomes easier as you approach toprated. I worked hard, and when I reached 100%, I started to turn down more clients than I accepted. Just as you want proven clients, they are looking for proven freelancers. 


Keep up the good work.

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The only "downside" I can imagine is that someone who's looking for a cheaper alternative might think "Hmm. Top rated. Must be expensive." Still, I wouldn't consider that a loss. After all, if you've worked hard enough to become top rated. Going for low hanging fruit jobs such as people looking for a quick and cheap solution should be off the table by then.

Congratulations on your JS score. I think you give a really good example by sharing your story. (:

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