Top Rated Eligible Weeks remains unchanged?

"Top Rated freelancers consistently maintain a 90%+ Job Success Score or Rising Talent status, or both, for 13 out of the last 16 weeks."


And I have had a 95% Job Success score over the past three weeks, but the "Top Rated Eligible Weeks" thingy seems to be stuck at the same it was those weeks ago - 9 of 16.


Also, I've finished and closed 5 to 6 contracts since then with my usual clients who leave me nothing but great feedback, but all my stats seem to be frozen at the same as well.


I haven't experienced anything like this before so I'm asking.

Just been bothering me a tiny bit is all.


Hi Swaraj, 


When your most recent week is added each Saturday, the oldest week in the rolling window is no longer included (the oldest week becomes week 17). Each week, the 17th week is removed from the computation, and the most recent week's score is included in the computation. Everytime you get a JSS of 90% and above, it is counted as an eligible week. 


If your Top Rated Eligible Weeks is not moving, it means there is an ineligible week/s somewhere between week 1 and week 16. 

I would suggest that you continue with completing your jobs successfully, and impressing your clients to maintain your Top Rated status. 

~ Avery