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Top Rated Plus Badge, does it helps ?

Hello dear freelancers, especially I would like to hear from Top Rated Plus freelancers. 

I'm on UPwrok since 2020, before getting my badges and reviews it was really hard to get new contract. 
During these years I've learned how to write proposals, I have worked on my profile to make it more polished. 
My "available now" badge always torned ON. JSS is 100% and and I really feeling like previously I need to write 100 proposals until I'll get one contract. 

The sides which can work negatively are:
 That I'm not located in US or Europe ( I see many job posts, for good clients , that they're waiting proposals only from citizens from US or Europe). 
 My English is not fluent or I"m not native English speaker yet. 
 Also, that I've moved from 12$/hr to 25/hr and now it's 30$/hr. I'm thinking may be I need to move back to 25$, what do you think ? How many proposals you’ve send to get your last work? I mean when you received your Top Rated Badge does it made your finding job process easier ? I want to udnerstand, what I do wrong. 

Thanks a lot in advance , this community was always helpful to me. 
I'm looking forward to hear from you. 

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It used to maybe. I don't think so anymore. If 50 people with "top rated" apply to the same job it's no longer special.

Hello Kevin, thanks a lot. 
Yes, I'm feeling the same, like it’s  not helping unfortunately. 

It doesn't matter at all except where Enterprise and Plus clients are concerned, because they're the only ones who can see it. All ordinary clients can see is your top rated badge. However, people who are top rated plus do say it improves your chances of getting a job.

Hello Robert, thanks for your reply . 
I"m Top Rated PLus freelancer and I can say, that it does not help. 
By my own experience I can say, that after getting this badge I'm finding new contract with the same difficulties.

This is a bad time. All freelancers are seeing a drop in jobs. When things get back to normal, maybe you'll see the effects of having the badge.

Agreed . I tough that this is totally bad times, and just wanted to make sure that this feels I have not alone. Hope all will goes well soon. Thank you so  much for your response again. 


I don't know if that is true any more for 3 reasons:  First, Upwork changed all of the client pricing tiers  and memberships a few months ago, giving 'normal' clients access to many of the same features only Plus/Business/Enterprise had before under the 'old' system.  2nd, I can see the different badges when I search through talent, and 3rd I have been contacted by Non-Enterprise clients that can see the difference in my badge (and tell me that is the reason WHY they contacted me).   I think for freelancers in highly competitive fields, where Upwork has allowed too many freelancers on the platform to flood a particular field, the badges may not be as valuable because there are more freelancers than jobs available. However, for some fields, it could be very helpful.



The other thing the badge seemed to do (even just the Top Rated) was reduce the number of idiotic scam/spam invites I received, largely because the scam artists like to target freelancers that are likely to be 'new' and gulliable to scams. So they tend to avoid freelancers with badges because those freelancers have usually seen all the scams and are much harder to con and scam.  I'm not saying I get NO scam invites, but I rarely get them after I got a badge, but was flooded with scam invites before I had any badges.

I agree with CJ - my invitations increased drastically after I got the TR+ badge. And the vast majority of my invitations are from brand-new clients who are Upwork Plus (probably as part of a promotion), so it looks like it does make a big difference there.

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Yes.  It absolutely does help.  My invites skyrocketted after I got the badge a couple years ago, and the 'new' clients almost always target somebody with a badge when they first start searching, assuming that any profile that has 'top rated', 'expert vetted', etc is the safest bet.  However, personally, I simply don't deal with brand new Upwork clients.   The 'available now' badge however IS likely hurting you, because it conveys desperation for a job.   I tried that badge during the 'pilot' / beta-testing phase last year and actually saw a drastic drop in invites and profile views.   The reason:  Nobody likes to hire the person that looks like they NEED a job urgently.  That 'available now' badge is like standing on the side of the street holding a sign that says "Need Work."   It's just not something that's going to attract clients, especially not good ones.   It's not about 'how many proposals' you have to send to get a good lead, after you've been on the platform long enough, the 'leads' start to come to you sometimes - from other freelancers, previous clients, etc.   The badge has definitely helped me. 

Hello, thank you so much for your replay. 

I'm glad that badges helped to you. 

I'm agree with your thoughts about available now badge and I'm turning it on just thinking may it will make me more "visible", but at the same time I'm allso agree that it make you like you're looking for the work right now. 

I have long term clients, and working with them on ongoing basis, but with finding new contracts I'm feeling that it's not that kind easy. 

Thank you so much once again. 

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