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Top Rated Plus Badge


I was hired on Upwork by a private equity firm that assigned me 61  projects during the last 18 months worth $68,000. Why isn't that as valuable and worthy of a top-rated plus badge as completing one project worth $10,000?

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Hey Suzanne,


Opening support ticket can help you best, but here are some self check to see if you are eligible for Top rated plus badge - 

1. Go to Find work - My stats - Click on Check to see if your large contracts qualify


here you will get to see your jobs' category threshold. You are eligible for top rated plus when you meet 

1. Top rated

2. Earned over $10,000 in the past 12 months. 

3. Worked on a large contract in the past 12 months 

According to your profile mostly you match point 1 & 2 but short of point 3. Can you check that and see it helps?




Unfortunately this information is not responsive to my question. But thanks for your reply. 

Suzanne, you need to have worked on a large contract in the past 12 months to meet the requirements to become Top Rated Plus. What a "large contract" is, depends on your field, but it goes from 5.000 to 20.000. You've been working on shorter contracts with your client instead of keeping it all in the same contract, which is why you don't meet the requirements.

Ze, that wasn't my choice. It was the client's choice. 

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I understand the policy. I'm simply asking for an explanation as to why the policy does not recognize long-term relationships for the top-rated plus badge. . 

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Because the Upwork strategists know better.

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