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Top Rated Plus early payment delay

This situation is incredibly frustrating. While I understand Upwork's 4-day or 8-day policy, the consistent receipt of funds within approximately 24 hours has been the norm. Experiencing delays for the past two weeks with processed payments on the 15th and 17th, and still not receiving either of my funds, particularly so close to the holidays, is both frustrating and infuriating.


Adding to the frustration is the unfulfilled promise from the support team to provide a disbursement receipt. Despite their assurance, I have yet to receive it.


The support team's suggestion to wait for 8 days is difficult to accept. How would the support team feel if they had to endure the holidays without their salaries?


Furthermore, I submitted an early payment request as soon as the funds became available today. However, upon checking here, I have a confusion because, if the payments are indeed processed, I have not received the payment processed email.


This level of service is unacceptable, and I am thoroughly frustrated.

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Hello Zigmars, sorry to hear you. Please had a small note to this thread so we can know how many of us are being affected by this: https://community.upwork.com/t5/Freelancers/Payment-late-Christmas-ruined-Trust-lost/m-p/1489542#M81...

Already did, thank you friend! Hope they will finally take this seriously!

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Just received notification from Upwork that my contract is suspended cause of some issue with client account. Imagine the surprise 😄

When it comes to Upwork, nothing is surprising at this point. Sorry to hear that, my friend!

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