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Top Rated Profile not showing up in search results!

Hi! I am top rated on Upwork and used to get a lot of invitations. But for quite some time I've stopped getting any altogether. Even though my profile is set to public, it's nowhere to be found in search results even though I tried narrowing the search down to include keywords JUST in my profile. I am not showing up amongst the search. This has created obstacles of epic proportions when it comes to finding new work. Is there something I am doing wrong or is there a glitch on your end? Would really appreciate if you take a look into it. Thanks.


Hi Mohammed,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I checked your profile, and it looks like you have a well-proven history in your field. I would recommend that you update your profile overview, and see if there are new skills, and experiences that you can highlight there. Also, make sure to communicate in your overview how you can help the client solve their problem. Update your portfolio and employment history with projects that you have finished outside of Upwork, and check if your skills tags are still relevant, or if it needs to be updated already. 


Additionally, you may also want to check out these articles to help you create proposals that win jobs, and help you boost your career on Upwork: 

 I hope this helps!

~ AJ

Thank you Annie. I will implement what you have included. Can you also please check if my profile is not private from your back end via a glitch or something ?

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I have a top-rated-plus status rating on Upwork and I have run into the same issue.  In the past, I have had multiple active clients tell me that they were unable to find my profile when they searched for me, both through a name search and through relivant search strings.  When I have tried to search for my own profile from a client's account (I have been granted access to help two different clients find additional freelancers), I have not been able to find my own profile.  


It is not just you running into this issue.  


I tried with a different account too and ran into the same problem.

Hi Daniel and Mohammed Usama,


I checked your accounts and don't see any limitations that would prevent your profiles from being discovered in search. I've also run some searches and was able to find your profiles after applying a few filters. 





~ Valeria
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