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Top-Rated Program – Who Else Got the Badge?

Community Guru
John B Member Since: Feb 20, 2009
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Kickin it in Tahiti...with my top rated badge! Smiley Happy

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Saundra W Member Since: Jan 19, 2015
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I'm in. I got one, too.

Community Guru
Bojana D Member Since: May 2, 2011
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Got one. Not sure what I can use it for but it's there.

Ace Contributor
Emily H Member Since: Feb 9, 2011
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I got one. It's probably a pointless gimmick but it's nice to have Smiley Happy 

Community Guru
Abdul R Member Since: Dec 4, 2014
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Contratulation to you!


I have got it too. 

Community Guru
Stephen B Member Since: Dec 4, 2012
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I got a top-rated badge and a dishwasher this week. Not really sure what either of them is for but they'll both apparently make my life better.

Community Guru
Mattia G Member Since: Mar 10, 2014
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I've got one too... maybe we can trade them for Connects? Just kidding Smiley Tongue

“Go then, there are other worlds than these.”
―Stephen King, The Gunslinger
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Johnny J Member Since: Mar 29, 2015
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I got the badge. Smiley Happy

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Dueep J Member Since: Apr 1, 2015
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So did I. So what? I wouldn't be surprised if everybody Earning lots and lots of lovely moolah has been given this badge.

Sorry to be so cynical, but being a marketing professional, I know what is the next step. They have seen that my income has been Consistent, and In a very high income bracket for the past one year and more. So I am soon going to get an invite To Become a Premium Member. Does anybody want to take on this bet?

The moment Odesk got into a collaboration with some other jobseeking platform company -Elance-, I really, totally stopped applying for jobs here. That is because I know what a mess Elance made of its going concern, and what is going to happen to Odesk in the future.

Total flop show, with ineffective and inefficient management.

They promise me benefits, because I'm a top-rated service provider. Any good company is going to give Benefits to all their service providers, because they cherish them and not because they want a hearty cut from the earnings of those Providers, through jobs or through asking them to become Premium members.

Cynically Yours!

Dueep Jyot Singh writing from the sunny balmy climes of India. Has any Indian got this ranking, dudes and dudettes?

Active Member
Hamid N Member Since: Mar 20, 2015
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It's saying. Great news! You are almost top rated! Smiley Indifferent