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'Top Rated' Score Flaw: Inactive Clients

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Hi there--


Having inactive clients never really concerned me until the 'Top Rated' score recently came into play.


I have had some clients who've kept contracts open incase they anticipated they needed additional work.


I never realized this could present a problem...until again the 'Top Rated' score came into play


My current rating is 93%. In reality, that should be 100% because as any good freelancer should...I always complete projects successfully.


A few weeks ago, I began reaching out to these inactive clients (about 10 total) to ask them to please close out the contracts and rate my services...and should they need anything in the future, I would be happy to assist them.


I've heard absolutely nothing back from most of them--except for one who kindly closed out the contract and gave me a 5-star review.


I reached out to customer service about the problem today, and they say they will also reach out to these inactive clients.


However, I was told that even if after they contact them and these inactive clients still don't respond by closing out old contracts...I could end the contract myself.


BUT (a big but) it would come at a cost to me.  I would be penalized and my 'Top Rated' score would still be impacted.


"The only way for you to recover is to focus on your current and future contracts"--I was told.


Maybe it's just me...however, I just don't think it's fair for me (or any other freelancer) to still be penalized for a client who's gone awol after SUCCESSFULLY completing the work requested...AND after asking them to close the contract.


I believe this is a major flaw to the Top Rated score, and I believe there should be exceptions to the calculations--especially in cases like mine.


To the 'Upwork-Powers-That-Be,' please be aware of this and do something about it.


Okay, enough venting...





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Be well assured that they are very aware of it. it's just that they have no inclination to do anything abbbout it because it only affects freelancers.

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