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Top Rated & 100% positive feedback...I'm leaving.

Upwork has tanked my business. Their changes over the last 2-3 years have taken my business from 3k+ to virtually 0. I'm going to have to stop using this platform as it has become anti-freelancer.


They raised rates on customers. They've tripled and quadrupled the amount of connects it takes to apply to jobs. Scams are out of control. I could go on.


I no longer have the time to apply to 50+ jobs just to get something for $50 AFTER spending $$ on connects. The system is so far from the original intent it's crazy.


Thanks for what it used to be! Goodbye!

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Hi chris,

I also suffering from this problem upwork is full fill of scammers, this platform ask much money for connects but the great one is it's trying teach everyone how to save from scammers by using learning path and it's opening another way to earn money like by project catalogue etc. 

If you had a full profile, with no errors, you might not worry so much about scammers. That's why some of us look at your profile when you say you are having trouble. Your profile tells scammers you are not ready to freelance, and are a great target. No genuine client will hire you as a writer with all the mistakes you make. I'm not being mean, I'm telling you the truth.

I'm in audio. No one cares about my profile. They care about the quality of sound I can provide and I have to send samples for every job. Just look at other posts talking about the same thing. I'm not the only one but keep gaslighting. 

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She responded to the other person, a writer with grammatical errors in his profile quickly noticeable even to me (an ESL and not a writer).

If you look, I was responding to Shivam.

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Upwork has tanked my business. Their changes over the last 2-3 years have taken my business from 3k+ to virtually 0.

I sincerely hope you mean that Upwork is no longer a viable tool for you and that you have other business ventures outside of Upwork. There is no way any freelancer should have all of his eggs in one basket--especially if it's Upwork's basket.

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of course. This was always pennies comared to my full time job, but the extra bit of $$ was still nice. Now, I am getting virtually $0 a month.

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Okay, now I understand.


Your experience is virtually identical to a few hundred thousand (if not a few million) freelancers. But I understand the frustration and the decision to find other tools that might work better.

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This is quite natural. Upwork owners killed the platform. And they don't seem to want to know what's going on. Clients gone half a year ago. The remaining reliable freelancers will leave one of these days but not months. Beginners also will lose interest in spending money on connects with no way to make money.

Good luck Chris.

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I've built my business during the same timeframe.  It can be done.

Jon, that's great. More than likely you're also in a category that has a much higher upside. Audio editing is already pennies on the dollar comparatively and combine that will stiff competition, 16 connects to apply to a $50 job, many scam posts, and you have a recipe for disaster. Good luck!

Awesome Jon! Would you like to start a new topic and share what went well for you so that people in the forum can get a more balanced view of the world and benefit from your experiences? When people thrive they focus on the work and not visit forum much. When things go bad everyones here to complain. Which is very natural and understandable. But also very depressing to see people complaining all day every day. 

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Is upwork good or evil? I think building our own independent opinion is extremely important as this forum sometimes may produce a group opinion and an echo chamber.


Chris, you have made 3000 dollars on upwork in total. In 3 full years. You are editing audio for 5 dollar contracts. You are not structuring your upwork business for success.


Upwork or maybe the economy in general is not the best this year. But we don't need the economy to be great to make money. There is always money to be made. 

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