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Top Rated removed with good feedback and ongoing contracts

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Erin B Member Since: Jul 9, 2017
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Thanks TiffanySmiley Happy

Great advice. I've done that with a few of my contracts tonight and I like the way that you've phrased this. Unfortunately the ones that are most likely causing the issue are the ones that we are either still actively working on (so they will show as partially or not fully paid) or the one who is grieving...I know there have to be a checks and balances it just seems that asking to end a contract when someone has requested that you stay on retainer is rude. I will, of course do this to bring my standing back up...just wondering if there could be a better solution. Am I over-reacting here? It was just a bit of a shock this morning since I had finally reached the Top Rated status...


Thanks again for all the help and the warm welcome,



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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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If you stay 'on retainer' you can arrange to be paid to be "on retainer" which stops a contract going stale. On hourly contracts just tell clients that you have to log a retainer fee of 10 minutes a month. That way the clients can keep you on retainer to their heart's content, and you are not negatively affected.

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Erin B Member Since: Jul 9, 2017
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Thank you Petra! I'll try that.

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Vladimir G Community Manager Member Since: Oct 31, 2014
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Hi Erin,


Job Success Score is based on the contracts you've had in the last 24 months and your profile photo is not affecting it, but you do need to update in in order to bring your profile in line with our profile guidelines.


Unfortunately, we won't be able to share the impact the individual contracts are having on your score, both here and privately through a support ticket. We also won't be able to communicate with your clients regarding closing your contract. Other users already shared great advice and I'll just reiterate that asking clients to close the contract when submitting final work, in case they don't have more work for you in the near future, is the best way to ensure you receive feedback and minimize the chances of having to close the contracts yourself. Note that clients can rehire you for the same job in a few easy steps, so there's no need to keep a contract open if the future of your collaboration is uncertain.

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Erin B Member Since: Jul 9, 2017
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The several clients that have ongoing contracts are my concern. We have plans in place for completion. Though I appreciate the advice it still seems very vague to me. If there are contracts that are hurting my JSS it would benefit both myself, my clients and Up work to share the information. This could be as simple as letting freelancers know what time period of "non earning" is unacceptable if you can't share specific client ID's.

With this information we can use our discretion on who needs to be rushed and who has time to complete their project at their own pace. It is my understanding that contracts that are ended without full payment are a detriment to me as well. This leaves my hands tied when a client does not finish within the UpWork timeline.
I would very much like to be a part of the solution, not the problem. The policy itself may just need some minor tweaking. You have great freelancers from all over the world that are counting on you to give them a chance to remain competitive. Personally I prefer having a solid platform that I can count on, and don't take on work that hasn't been vetted by UpWork. I just want to know what will keep me in good standing.