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Hi all,
I am a Top Rated freelancer, but during my communication with other freelancers (Friends) it appears that after a short time, this badge is taken off. 
They said they have been performing same as they did without this badge, but still the badge was taken off...
I wasn't invited in any jobs, or didn't see any advantages while I'm Top Rated, even though I was invited 5 times in 5 different jobs before I took this badge. 
My concern is, in order to be Top Rated, do I have to perform better than I used to before? 
And also, lately I had to end a couple of contracts because of some misunderstandings with clients... 
Not sure if this will affect my profile or Top Rated badge...
Overall, all I need is to be more informed about the Top Rated program. 
Thank you in advance, and sorry if I brought up some points which you might be familiar for a long time, but I'm new and need more information about Top Rated program. 
Best regards.

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I think you will find most of the information you're looking for here:


The top rated badge isn't removed unless something occurs that disqualifies you, such as a drop in JSS or an account hold. 

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Nope, they don't take your badge unless there is a change in your JSS. I have been top rated for more than a year now. Just keep the good work and you don't have to look down 🙂