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Hi there,


Acutally I have one doubt about the Top Rated Badge. My JSS is 94% right now and I have completed 11 weeks out of 16 weeks but my 12 month earnings are not $1000. So will I get the Top Rated Badge or not after completing 13 weeks out of 16 or not?

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You have your own answer already. The requirements are cumulative, not separable.

Jenean is correct. You need to meet all of the requirements to be eligible for the top rated program. So yes, JSS above 90% for 13 consecutive weeks, no account holds and $1000 earned. You're close! You'll get there!

Raise your rate and start earning that $400! You can do it🙂

I have one more request. Like what would be the best rate for my profile according to my work history. I would really appreciate if you will guide me.

Ayush: nobody can ever answer that question. Only you can determine your rate.
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