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Top rate freelancers and Job success rate - Its great but not fair



I am really happy that oDesk is making all these changes I always wanted oDesk to get a more refined marketplace to work on. 


I have a concern, please let me know if it makes sense or not:

- I see that I am not a top rated freelancer on oDesk. I understand that I might have done some thing thats why i did not get this badge. 


Dont you feel that every body should get a fair chance? Should you count all these statics from the time you have launched this program?


I really feel that you should.. use new statics of freelancers to arive at "Job success" rate.


As i am working on odesk for past 3 years.. I have submitted refund many times.. many times I have only choosen to cancel my project. (As clients where not willing to pay properly. ) 


Now you have introduced a system where you cound and trak all this. Do you feel its justified. 


We always work with the flexibilities that a system provides. You counting all my past years mistakes and pulling me down to 80% job success rate is not very fair. 




I really feel that you should give every one a fair chance and trak these stats from the time you have launched this feature. 


I hope it will make sense to you. 


Looking for your reply,

Pradeep K. 




I have to disagree. I feel it is very important to track statistics from ALL oDesk activity. I've been on oDesk for 6 years and my track record is earned not given.


I personally, feel the "Top Rated" program is far too relaxed. I hope oDesk will create more stringent restrictions in the future.

You are right. I am not completely against it.. I am in favour of it. 


I have a great profile feedback history. You can read client comments. 


Earlier what i used to do was.. say if a client is not happy.. or say if a project is dragging too much i used to refund its money and client would end up being happy.. 


Now i come to know this has come against me in a big way.. 


I really dont know how to fix this.. My business is very much dependent on oDesk.. and and guidance on imporving it will help me a lot. 


Since the time I have seen 80% job succsss rate and I am not a "Top rated freelancer" I am in shock.. 


I used to think that I am a great conractor.. I used to sell my ratings to all my clients.. now its like a set back for me. 

Totally agree with Pradeep as I have raise this issue in some other threads the calculations should start from now and on with a notification that we are going to introduced a new matrics and everybody should have to care about in future so its freelancers responsibility to care about it.


Ray C you are lucky to have 100% JS even if you have 4.89 public feedback If your JS calculations went against you with this new calculations which no one knows how these calculations can effect JS you will sure be agree with Pradeep.

Ray, you earned only 250$ in 2015, but very active here in forum. 
I earned 1300$ only on march. Last week had to close 3 contracts because client were asking for things different from the job description and what I signed with them for. Now this went against me. I have now 78% JS, with a star rate of 4.96 on 15 jobs. 
With the new system of connects this month I have earned 0$, nada, no money at all. I think this JS has a big role in this situation as well. I'm feeling very sad

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Pradeep,


We do value your quality work and willingness to satisfy clients. Your Job Success score is a reflection of your overall performance on contracts here on oDesk and as a result is a key component of determining Top Rated status. And it is actually pretty good. There are ways to improve your Job Success score and I am sure you will be able to show great results and qualify for the program in the future.

~ Valeria