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Top rated badge - Disappeared


I was recently awarded with Top-Rated badge. Now I have noticed that it has been disappeared from my profile. How do I know the reason and how can I get it back? Thanks


Hi Asim,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I checked your account and found that your 12-month earning is currently $970.33. Please keep in mind that in order to maintain the Top Rated status, you must have at least earned $1000 in the last 12 months. Any earnings that fall out of the 12-month window will be removed from the calculation. 


Please see this help article to know the complete criteria for getting a Top Rated badge.

~ AJ
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Losing your Top-Rated badge on Upwork can be frustrating, but it's important to understand that there are specific requirements and performance criteria that must be consistently met to maintain this status. If your Top-Rated badge has disappeared from your profile, here are some possible reasons and steps to take:

1. **Performance Drops:** The most common reason for losing the Top-Rated badge is a drop in your performance metrics. Upwork regularly reviews freelancers' accounts, and if your Job Success Score (JSS), client feedback, or other performance indicators fall below the required threshold, you may lose your Top-Rated status.

2. **Client Feedback:** Negative feedback or poor performance on projects can impact your Job Success Score and, consequently, your Top-Rated status. Make sure you maintain a high level of client satisfaction and deliver quality work on time.

3. **Inactivity:** If you've been inactive on Upwork for an extended period, your performance metrics may be affected, leading to the loss of your Top-Rated status.

To determine the specific reason for losing your badge and to work toward regaining it, you can take the following steps:

1. **Review Your Upwork Dashboard:** Check your Upwork dashboard for any messages or notifications that may explain the reason for the badge removal.

2. **Improve Your Performance:** If you lost your badge due to a drop in performance metrics, focus on delivering excellent work, maintaining positive client relationships, and improving your JSS. This may take time and effort, but it's essential to regain your Top-Rated status.

3. **Increase Activity:** If inactivity was a factor, try to increase your activity on the platform. Bid on relevant projects, take on new projects, and build a strong reputation with clients.

4. **Contact Upwork Support:** If you believe there has been a mistake or if you're unsure about the reason for badge removal, consider reaching out to Upwork's customer support for clarification and guidance.

Receiving and maintaining the Top-Rated status is a significant achievement on Upwork, and it's worth working diligently to regain it if you've lost it. By consistently providing quality work and maintaining strong client relationships, you can increase your chances of regaining the badge in the future.


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