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Top rated but still getting 10 connects.

Hi everyone please i need your help.

I am Top-rated but still getting 10 connects every month why because according to Top rated badge need to get 70 connects.


Hi Muhammad,


The Top Rated badge does not give freelancers 70 free Connects each month. In order to receive 70 Connects each month, you would have to purchase a Freelancer Plus plan. Freelancers receive 10 free Connects each month regardless if they're subscribed to Freelancer Plus or not.


To learn more about Freelancer Plus, please go here.

~ AJ

So i did hard work on Upwork and got outside clients here for what? The Top rated badge is just nothing?

In short: yes.

I was important before. Your profile was shown first for clients. For now it is no more actual.

For 70 "free" connects you must buy "freelancer plus". So you paing for it. Only 10 connects assigning for free. Or 50 if you are spam-bot.

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