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Top rated freelancer but not getting enough work now a days

Hello there, 

I have worked many years now on upwork. From the last years, I have stopped working for few months and now willing to work in full swing. I am applying many jobs which I would be able to do but I am not getting any response from any clients. I have applied for 20/30 job last month but no response. 


I have never experienced this, earlier this problem it would take an avg 8/10 bid to get a response. I'm afraid of this now. 


I didn't subscribe to upwork plus. Is it the issue? 
>>> Here is my upwork profile for your review. 


Thank you

Naime Ahmed 


Upwork isn't the same platform it was 6-9 months ago.  According to your profile you have had a few jobs in the past 2 months.  Freelancer Plus won't help you get more jobs.  It's a competitive place so you need to stand out.  Make sure you're applying to jobs where hire rate is more than 50%, good freelancer/client feedback, and # of proposals isn't greater than 20.  Apply with custom proposals really speaking to the job post.  Ask smart questions.  


Good luck!

Yes, you are right. 


Freelancers > Clients


When more freelancers must share fewer opportunities, each receives less work or some take all the work while others receive none.  


With the level of competition here and the fact that you're paying for every bid, you would do well to shift your selection criteria away from "would be able to do" to bidding only on jobs where there is a clear reason that you would be the best choice or among the best choices for the client.