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Top rated plus but still new.

Hello everyone.

I have been on Upwork actively for almost a year. I have become top rated plus 2 months eariler. I believe i have a good portfolio and reasonable prices. I admit that my services are not very wide looking. I design and paint character drawings for games, stories or whatever one needs. But im good at it.


I have a serious problem. I did become top rated plus and I have no views, no jobs, nothing. (Attachment no:1 I have attached a screenshot showing how many views i have)

I have decided to take a look at my profile if i can see what would be the problem. And when i click to "see public view" (attachment 2) 

But when i use some other browser to see it again, it is havoc. See the attachment 3. Whats causing this? Im not even top rated plus in the other browser, i dont have all my work history. I have nothing.


Now all this aside, i also need you guys to take a look at my profile and judge me. Because i have no idea how to overcome this barren desert of not having any views or anything.


Thank you


Edit: I have spent most of my connects, tryng to get a job. But no, no one even comes back with an answer. This is not working out.


I don't know where you are looking, but you have profile views in the screenshot you attached, you have a work history. Not sure what you are talking about. 

Top rated plus is not displayed everywhere by design. Don't worry, that's the same for everyone. 

One thing to improve would be a better profile picture. The one you have is distant and unfriendly, something that clients looking for a visual medium might not easily forgive. 


Thank you about the profile picture feedback. I will look into it.

My problem is, yes i have some views. I have 15 views in last month. I do not believe 15 views are enough to get any attention.  With 1 discovery in the last week. Only 1. That is not gonna get any jobs. You would think something is wrong when you have 1 visitor in your shop in a week.

And some other thing i have found weird is, it says i have applied 18 jobs in the past 90 days, and it says here compared to my peers, im in the middle for being hired. And i had 2-3 jobs at most the past 3 months. If that number is the avarage for design&creative section, there must be something wrong.

Either i am doing something very wrong, or i did not understand upwork at all. 

Profile views come from searches, not proposals, and the algorithm rotates freelancers regularly. 

The hired statistics - no idea. 

The search results are rotated in order to give everyone a fair chance, and since there are tens of thousands of freelancers in your category, you won't rotate to the first few pages very often, especially as a newer freelancer (some clients prefer more hours/higher earnings). If you've only sent 18 proposals in the past three months and got 2-3 jobs, that's actually a pretty good conversion rate. Why don't you send more proposals? (You know that you can buy as many connects as you like, right?) And you don't have to rely only on Upwork, there are lots of other ways to market yourself. It sounds like you need to make more of an effort instead of waiting for clients to send you invitations.

Well, it seems according to your answers, numbers match. To be honest, i am not impressed by my profiles performance right now in terms of visibility. Maybe its because i am comparing it to the other platforms i am working. But 15 views in a month is seriously depressing to my eyes. And it wasnt like 10 or 100 times more the previous month. It was always like that.


Of course being top rated plus and such does not matter that much. There could be someone else with 100x more jobs done at my level. I am aware of that. 


I know i can buy connects but im sending proposals to the things im sure of. Which is character design. But seeing the number as low as this, i tought there is something missing in my profile that i am unaware of(Other than the uninviting profile picture mentioned before).


If all i need to do is to hunt for more, yeah sure. That is always the case.


If you only draw fantasy characters, you might want to branch out a little more, like create mascots for businesses or illustrations for children's books. While it's great to have a niche, yours might be a bit too specific. You could add a wider range of styles to your portfolio and that might help you to get more work.

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