Good morning to all, 


I am not getting job invitations as I had few weeks ago. Is there any changes in it or Upwork is going slow now a days?


I hope to hear someone to give your opinion. 


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Hello Abdul,

Based on what has been explained in the forum, job invitations "mostly" come in waves. Each freelancer gets a period where their window is open and they are sent job invitations. This is done in order to distribute the opportunities more evenly.

Not implying that it is working perfectly, however this is one explanation. And of course you have to be suited for the job based on how the algorithm works.
---- easy like Sunday morning ----

i looked on my profile in public search, and it does not show my Top Rated badge, Why? is it visible only for me? 

i logged out, than put my nname Oleksand Izmailov in search field and found my profile but i cant see the badge on it, where is it?

Hi Oleksandr,


Your Top Rated badge is visible for all the users who view your freelancer profile.

~ Valeria

Job invitiations seem random. I can get 10 a day and then none for 3 weeks. I don't really mind since maybe 10% of them are actually relevant. I prefer applying to jobs myself. 


I went several weeks without an invite and then I got invited to a job which was actually relevant to my job categories. I was also hired on the job. I am not sure what they are doing but they seem to come in spurts. At least I got a relevant job invite which for awhile I was getting invites for things which had nothing to do with what I do.


The last few I have had were all relevant to my job categories.