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Trace my Withdrawal

My withdrawal in the sum of $835.16 that was done and processed on July 29th, has not yet been reflected in my account. This usually reflects within 24 hrs, most times, or less, and today is 8/3 and nothing is reflecting. Can someone help me with this, please? As no one connects via the "Get Support" option.


Hi Jodi-Ann,


I checked, and it looks like you withdrew your funds via Direct to Local Bank. For Direct to Local Bank transfer, payments take up to four business days to arrive at your bank. Holidays in the US and in your location can also delay the process. Please let us know if after 8 business days the funds are still not reflected in your account so we can initiate a trace for you. You might want to check the following help articles for more information:


Direct to Local Bank

Direct to Local Bank Fees and Timing

~ Joanne

Thank you Joanne. Is there a transaction number you can provide that I can provide to my bank? As this usually does not take this long and tomorrow will be 4 business days since the withdrawal.

Hi Jodi-Ann,


Thank you for your message. I am sorry to hear that you have not received your funds yet. I see that your transaction was successfully processed on Jul 30th at UTC time. And as we shared earlier, Direct to Local Bank transfers are processed in 4 business days which means we don't count the weekend, and any holidays in the US and in your country. It is unlikely that your bank will be able to trace this transaction yet because payment processing depends on the timeline of different banks. We will be able to initiate tracing for you if the transaction still hasn't been reflected on your account after eight business days.


Would you want us to connect you to the team to get the reference number for this transaction?


Thank you.



I already have the reference number as it’s listed on all my transactions. I will wait until end of the day on Thursday, to see what happens with my bank. As I said in all my 5 years of working on Upwork this has never happened, as for my bank it does not take 4 business days to reflect. I do my withdrawals every Thursday night in my country, around 9:30pm EST, and my payment reflects in my account the following day by 6pm EST. That has been the case for 5 years. But I will give it the 4 business days, and hopefully it will be resolved.

Hi Jodi-Ann,


Our team can initiate a trace for your transaction after 8 business days. In your case, that's on the 16th of August. 


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

Hi Alrksandar,

Just an update. The payment I withdrew just yesterday 11:30pm EST is already reflected in my Local Bank account, but the figure I withdrew from July 29th around 9:30pm EST is still not reflecting in my account. So that alone itself tells you something has gone wrong with the payment/withdrawal from July 29th.


Hi Jodi-Ann,


Thanks for clarifying which transaction you were referring to. As Aleksandar explained, the team can only initiate a trace after 8 business days have passed. If you still haven't received your funds on August 10th, please follow up with us so we could initiate that trace for you.



I will be in touch. Thank you.

This has been resolved with my bank. Thank you.

This transaction was credited to my account just a few minutes ago. I have another missing transaction, but I will wait the full 8 business days to see if it will be credited on the 7th business day like this one did, before reaching out.
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