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Transaction History

I am trying to do my quarterly returns, and my transaction history has completely disappeared. I'm trying to double check from July 2017, and no matter what  I do, it is not showing. It just says I have no history. Nor can I trace it through my clients. Is this only happening to me or is anyone else experiencing this?


And yes, I have done a hard refresh. Do NOT tell me to clear cache and cookies.


ETA: I sincerely hope Upwork has not removed this feature. I also hope a mod will be able to comment on this post.





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I flagged this for you so hopefully someone will respond soon. 

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Nichola, I am able to access mine by using the calendar above the drop-down box to set a custom time span. (The monthly statements available in the drop-down only go back to Oct 2017.)

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I will not tell you to clear cache and cookies because that is just annoying. I hate when they tell me to do that.


I will sugget you double check the year and make sure you select 2017 from the drop down calendar.

I was able to get my July to September history, but I had to check that it was last year.

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Hi Nichola, Please try do some transaction history search from June of 2017 up to present. You should be able to see all the history from those dates. Please go to Reports tab> Transaction History and enter the dates from June 2017 up to present, it should reflect the transactions. Hope this helps.

~ Jo-An


Many thanks Jo-Ann,

It is now showing (that was a scary moment). I can't think why it wasn't working before - perhaps it was due to the imminent update earlier on.

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They had the problems with job categories too, something wrong with HTML I suppose, and I hope that they solved your problem too. 

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So, How could we remove our Transaction History

Hi Hasan,


If you are referring to accessing your past transactions on Upwork, you can access them from the 'Transaction History' page. You can change the dates to narrow your transaction search results.


Thank you.


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Hi is it possible to download monthly invoices rather than individual invoices per job ?

Hi Vlad,


If you are looking to download all invoices for the month, you can do that from the 'Report' > 'Transaction History' page. Select the date range and click 'Download invoices' to download all invoices within the selected date range.


Thank you,


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