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Transactions for developing countries.

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Ibrahim M Member Since: Dec 6, 2014
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hi, i think i have lost my money earnings for this month, since last week i'm trying to communicate with SKRILL customer support to try understanding where is my money and no SINGLE response.

i'm not here to weep about my lost or complaning about how i will backup next month bills, all i want is to delevier a massage for oDesk comunnity and for the mangers that the website is something important for certain people's life, many if not the majority are based on developing countries where this could be the only source for income to them , so if someone will make like a 100-200$ earnings which is OK for him to cover himself i have to spend 30$ from it to make a wire transfare !!!! this is much, just to avoid being involved in a thirdparty bank or kind off curruncy exchange because they can't send $ to your country!. 

PLEASE Odesk provide us with a direct method to get our funds without going through all of this.

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Ahmed S Member Since: Apr 28, 2015
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Try Payoneer card. It is working in Egypt and from any ATM, you can get you money. The delivery of Payoneer is free ( could take up to 80 days to arrive or you can order it through DHL for 60 $ and for sure will arrivce in 4-5 days ) .