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Transerwise Bordless account holder name



Like some other freelancers, I have a Transferwise Borderless USD account and withdraw my earnings to there.


I've just got an email from Transferwise saying that from Jan 1st they'll reject all incoming payments unless the sender users the account holder name format "Transferwise FBO [ Person's Name]"


I know that UpWork has strict requirements for payout bank account holders names matching freelancer names, so if I change my account holder name from "[My Name]" to "Transfers FBO [My Name]"... is that going to cause a problem?



Andrew Davison

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Hey guys, 


I've been using Transferwise to get paid out of Upwork, and I just recently received an email from Transferwise saying:


On January 1, we'll start rejecting payments if the sender doesn't use the new name, 'TransferWise FBO XXXXX (my name)'.


And since I know that Upwork's bank payment links our Upwork name to the bank account name ... does this mean that I will no longer be able to get paid through Transferwise? (Because my Upwork name could not possibly be 'Transferwise FBO XXXXX' right?) 


Otherwise, anyone have any other suggestions of something similar to getting paid through Transferwise, other than Paypal? 


Any ideas on this would be highly appreciated! Thanks!



UPDATE: According to this Twitter exchange with Transferwise, it seems this won't affect ACH payments, only wire ones: https://twitter.com/TransferWise/status/1073744165790474240


I received the same email from TransferWise saying the same information, and I've read the Twitter link you attached. But I still don't get it, does it mean that if I use the ACH payment method, I still will be able to get paid from Upwork without writing 'TransferWise FBO' before my name as the recipient account name?


Hi Sesilia


Did it work for you? (ACH and just your name without the Transferwise FBO prefix?

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I can confirm ACH payments to Transferwise USD bordlerss account still work fine with just your name (without the FBO thing). I've had it set up for more than a year without a problem.



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