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Transfer money back to Upwork or another account


I have the following problem. I'm workin as a freelancer via business incubator in Poland. Following the law, I should withdraw money from Upwork to my business account and only then, after paying all taxes, I can withdraw the money to my personal bank account. 


Few days ago I've made a withdraw to my business bank account (at that moment I didn't know that I won't be able to withdraw it from there). The problem is, that right now I don't have the residence permitt in Polland (just got my work premission on last week and starting the visa application process) and due to the law I can't withdraw the money from my business bank account to my personal untill I get my visa. 


I could leave the money on my business account untill I get my visa, but due to the company rules, all business accounts must be empty untill the 24 of December.


So write now I'm hopeless. I was trying to send the money back grom my business account to the upwork (to the account where it came from), but unfortunately it turned over. 


I understand that it is impossible to return my money back to my upwork account but is it possible, to ask the bank to redirect the payment to my personal account (which is binded with my upwork)? I will send the money back again and then the bank will redirect it to my another account. 


I'm ready to any additional costs, because right now I can loose my money at all.


Hi Alexey,


I checked your account and see that you already chatted with our team regarding your concern with transferring your funds back to Upwork. Please refer to the information they shared and if you have other questions or concerns, please let us know. Thanks!


~ Joanne
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